Time for World Leadership

স্বদেশ রায়

Swadesh Roy

For the first time, the world has been suffering from this type of problem which has affected every corner of the world. None is safe from this problem and that is COVID-19, a disease declared as a pandemic. But following the way how COVID-19 attacked the world and the humankind, the word pandemic is not sufficient enough rather some of the world leaders coined it as the third world war. Even world war is not enough to define the disaster which is happening by COVID-19. The world has seen intimidation of the two world wars. The human being faced holocaust to Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Despite that, it had an end but the world doesn’t know the end of COVID-19.
COVID-19 is engendering another dangerous holocaust for the world which has been started for destroying the huge human experience all over the world and will cause an unbearable loss for human civilization. In the meantime, 300,000 people have died from COVID-19. If we analyze, we can see that the major portion of those deaths is from the age group 40-70. The people of this age group are the experienced and knowledgeable people in each area of the world. Because, to understand the world’s nature, society, and civilization, it takes time, except some exceptional before 40, a man cannot be a leader of any discipline without experience. Sometimes, more young can invent many things and become the leader of many disciplines. But they also need the help of many experienced people, for example, Zuckerberg invented Facebook as an undergraduate student of the university, but for forming the company to run Facebook, he needed experienced company guy, and with that combination, it made Facebook a successful company. Besides, twentieth was the century of tremendous progression of technology, economy, and many social aspects of the world. The people, who belong to the 40-70 age group, are the people who have come up with this progress. The world needs the experience and the efficient heads, moreover, the intellectual property of this age group at the beginning of the twenty-first century and it is pulling it up in a boundless height that will make sure the twenty-first century is another new beginning of the human civilization of the world. But COVID-19 is the life threat for this age group mainly, and most of the people who died from COVID-19 are mentioned from this age group. So, COVID-19 is not only killing the human of the world but also destroying the intellectual property of the world. Though any type of genocide even killing is not fair, despite in the world war, the enemy of the civilization targeted killing the people of particular religion or nation. But COVID-19 has no particular choice. It has started killing all races, all nations, and all religions of each corner of the world. So, if the world cannot defeat, resist or take perfect preventive measures against COVID-19, the world will not only lose the lives of millions of people but also it lose its intellectual property which has been achieved from late 20’s to first of 21st century.
In the meantime, some countries of the world, basically South-East Asia, they have achieved a goal, keeping the contaminations of COVID-19 in those soils very low. So, they are going to start a new era of post-COVID-19 along with the fear of the virus. Therefore, they have taken huge preventive measures which are basically a new life order in the society, in the industry, in the business and other sectors, even in personal life. The countries which have been still suffering in West, South Asia and Africa, they are also thinking to cope up with that lifestyle for decreasing the contamination of coronavirus. However, if the world can start in that way, it has many disadvantages. Firstly, there is hundred percent of chances existing for the second wave of COVID-19, and then the world will fall in the same danger again what is it suffering now, for there is no recognized treatment method available for COVID-19 yet. The vaccine is still uncertain. Secondly, this new lifestyle will create limitations for travelling. Thirdly, Physical distancing and other measures that are being used for preventing the virus may make slower all types of works. In the 21st century, the progress of human beings is depending on speed.
Basically, `speed’ is the main capital of the 21st century’s uprising. But for preventing COVID-19 from daily life, travelling and the workplace all are becoming slow. That’s why, it can be said clearly that COVID-19 is not only wounding the progress of the world for the last few months but also it will cut the progress of the world every day in future.
Given this context, if the world wants to keep the progress of 21st century constant, it needs to defeat COVID-19 with the highest priority. But the reality is that none of the countries has yet responded to fulfill this appeal. It must be done in the whole world anonymously. Since the last four, at least, decades, the most popular slogan of the world is “We are one global village”. Many of the bonds of the world are connected like a chemical compound but the world was divided in many issues like the South China Sea to Gaza Conflict, inequality from Wall Street to Nairobi Forest, Healthcare of Bangladesh to Berlin and Seoul. However, this disastrous corona pandemic shows the world for the first time that it is really a global village. For this reason, now there are no other ways ahead of the world without fighting against COVID-19 jointly.
In conclusion, the world has to continue and save its 21st century’s progress and life of billions of people. Therefore, the world leaders have no more time in hand delaying the fight against COVID-19 unitedly. They have to arrange grand assembly by virtual way immediately and select their leader along with the body of the leadership as soon as possible, for there are huge works that have to be done by the world leaders. They need to make sure the leadership which can help all the scientists of the world for inventing a vaccine for COVID-19 as soon as possible with their joint efforts. Besides, a huge number of people will die every day until the vaccine comes, so by a joint effort, the world has to try to invent the way of medication for relieving from COVID-19. At the same time, the world should work keeping close bondage for saving the economy, and the goal of the economy should be made for the more public welfare, not the more profit race until the world cannot defeat COVID-19. It is only possible when the world will run under a united leadership. In every crisis, the world demands an extra-ordinary leader’s leadership and the situation always makes it. The present situation of the world, no doubt, demands an extra-ordinary leadership for defeating COVID-19 and to save the people of it.
Swadesh Roy, Senior Journalist, Dhaka, Bangladesh. He is a highest state award-winning journalist and can be reached at swadeshroy@gmail.com